A UK Asset Management Company based in Mayfair, London. Established in 2007.


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£10,000 Minimum investment

An ethical sustainable portfolio - Invest In The Huge Growth Potential Of India!


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A portfolio of growth companies that exports established products, services and technology from the UK and other western economies, to markets where even greater opportunities exist.

Profit from the fastest growing economy - India!

A proven and successful track record of 15 years.

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  • Banking- Fintech
  • Real Estate
  • Modular Construction
  • Cross Border Crowdfunding
  • Carbon Net Zero Premium Value Hotel Chain
  • Aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals

Diverse areas of investment in India:

£10,000 Minimum investment


* Directors estimate of returns over a 5 year period. Returns are not guaranteed. Past performance is no indication of future performance

Capital at risk. Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital, including lack of liquidity, lack of dividends and dilution. Balance risk with a diversified portfolio. Please seek independent advice as required as Red Ribbon Asset Management Plc does not give investment or tax advice. Suitable only for sophisticated or high net worth investors.

Any person accessing the email and considering potential investment opportunities featured on the email should make their own commercial assessment of an investment opportunity after seeking the advice of an appropriately authorised or regulated financial advisor. This email should not be construed as advice or a personal recommendation to any prospective investor.

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Red Ribbon Asset Management Plc is an asset management company specialising in investments in UK and India. We are a Mainstream Impact Investment company following the principles of the ‘Triple P Bottomline’ of Planet, People and Profit., 16 Berkeley Street, Mayfair, London W1J 8DZ, +44 20 7183 3710.