HMRC EIS Approved Investment Opportunity – Up to 30% Tax Relief

                                         is uniquely positioned to meet the massive demand for new films/TV created by COVID.

Our ongoing slate of films is projecting a 165% ROI

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  • Shares issued are offered at a special introductory rate in a company that boasts multiple revenue streams from production, distribution and its studio facilities rental.
  • Our award-winning team of Film/TV professionals have produced and/or distributed such successful films as Dirty Dancing, The Arrival, starring Charlie Sheen and the making of Michael Jackson’s Thriller plus more than 100 other lucrative films.

The first film of our post pandemic slate is ABDUCTED, following previous genre successes like American Mary, ready for delivery fall 2021.

American Mary

  • Budget - USD $525K
  • Budget less tax incentives $368K
  • Returns to date are US$ 1.4MM (ROI 380%)
  • Sold to more than 40 countries
  • Released by NBC/Universal

ABDUCTED - Thriller/Sci-Fi

    What would you do if you woke up in the back of a moving van with 5 others, not knowing why you are there or how you got there? How would you deal with the devastating realization that this is no ordinary abduction.

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